Group Therapy

College Skills Groups – As a college professor I have the inside scoop on how to navigate college. There are many unwritten rules for students to understand including talking to a professor, working on group projects, joining clubs, dealing with roommates, dating, and budgeting. This group is ideal for students who have tried college and had a difficult time, students who are just starting college, and students who plan to attend in the next year. There will be a short group over the winter break (January 2024) (perfect for current college students) and a longer group in the summer (June and July 2024). Please inquire about the groups by completing a contact form. (picture College Group)

Family Support – When treating OCD, anxiety, and ASD, family support can help. Having “family meetings” can help identify communication strategies, and can help everyone feel heard and supported. It can also help the individual so that the family understands how to support them while they are in therapy and learning new skills. I offer family sessions in conjunction with individual therapies.

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